23 February, 2014

On Targets

It's easy to mock The Conspiracy Theorists. With little or ill-presented evidence and poor arguments, this group of noble and clear-sighted individuals suggests that assorted attacks by mysterious bombers are really the work of some dark forces run from within the Nasty Government (doesn't matter which one). Yeah! Right!

The Nasty Government's motive? It is, of course, say The Conspiracy Theorists, to provide a common enemy against which we, the otherwise irritable and unhappy citizens, might unite, and, thus distracted, leave those untrustworthy politicians and their pals to do the evil they enjoy doing.

How preposterous! How foolish!

-- and yet, there is a worrying thought...

The Baddies are out to destroy our society. They have somehow (How?) acquired skills and materials to make bombs that can blow holes in the sides of buildings, ships or aircraft and that can kill scores of people in seconds.   Why, then, do they not attack the government's lifeblood: its income?   Why doesn't that chap with the friendly-sounding name,  ("Mornin' Al!", "Mornin' Fred"), Al Qaida, use his technical skills to blast the heck out of every tax-office or governmental computer-centre?  These are obvious targets. Continuous attack on them would deter people from working there. The whole flow of citizens' monies into politicians' coffers would cease.

So why has this target been ignored?

Could it be...?